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AirCom Broadband  (formerly JMT Technologies) is interested in fostering long term relationships with our customers. Our client base is comprised of people who value freedom and diversity in thinking, synergy, and innovative solutions. In many cases, we are the systems support and technical extension of our clients' business operations.  We are "on-line" with our client sites, both figuratively and literally, communicating by E-MAIL, managing remote systems, and helping our clientele cope with computer technology from our desktops on a daily basis. When you choose AirCom Broadband, you can be assured of the ultimate commitment to customer service...we will be there when you need us.

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Published Papers   

Email Contact: Jim.McDonald@jmttech.com

Computer Network Automates Production at Dubai Smelter

 as published in the October 1983 issue of Control Engineering

Plant Management Systems: A Practical Approach

appearing in the July 85 issue of Control Engineering

Portable Software: A New Challenge for Process Control

 as Published by Computers in Industry, a European trade journal, October, 1986.

(Get it at the link above for free or pay your good money for it at Science Direct )